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Real Estate Holdings

Represented by Titans Explorer Property Berhad, the property division of Titans Explorer, we have formed a public company that holds, develops and manages income producing real estate or real estate related assets. Our business model allows high networth individuals and sophisticated investors to make money on real estate without having to own or manage physical properties, or burdened by the risk of taking on personal mortgage. Through our professional team of management, investors enjoy the rental income, capital gains, tax benefits and prestige associated with real estate acquisition without the hassle of hands-on deal making, ongoing market analysis and active management.


The capital raised from high networth individuals and other investment groups would be used to take advantage of market dislocations in the property sector resulting from the recent pandemic lockdowns, weak market sentiment, economic recession, and rising unemployment rates. Among the market dislocations, we are looking to seize attractive property purchases, land acquisitions, lucrative management contracts, and properties that demonstrates potential for added value via refurbishment, repurpose, rejuvenate or refinance.



The Group’s construction division is carried out by forming collaborative alliances with a selected handful of Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) companies with class G7 accreditation.

Since 2019, our construction arm has established a respectable presence within the industry, having constructed and built residential and industrial properties as well as infrastructure projects in Malaysia. The project value of completed projects currently stand at RM75.0M – on budget and on schedule. Our commitment to high quality building services and timely delivery to our customers and business associates will continue to be a key focus as we work towards further innovation and growth.

Interior Design & Fit out

The Group’s interior design and fit out division is executed by an exclusive strategic alliance with ECO Group.  ECO Group is led by a well-experienced management team, backed by 23 years of industrial works portfolio, within Malaysia and internationally. The team can handle the full scopes of each project, from project implementations, contracts, design, build up, to a full list of other operations. Registered under the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia, ECO is a qualified contractor with class G7 accreditation, which is a premier class allowing the involvement and construction of mega projects, without limit on financial restraints.  

Since 2019, our alliance with ECO has delivered a combined project value of RM118.0 million, spanning from Klang Valley, East Coast and Dubai. Moving forward, we are committed to deliver world class interior design solutions to every real estate project that Titans Explorer participates in.



The Group’s plantation business was founded in 2019 and is carried out by our strategic alliance partners with a proven track record in their respective fields. Our venture into castor and cassava plantations in Battambang province, Cambodia blossomed with LGA Castor Ltd, taking advantage of rising castor oil demand from China and low operational costs in Cambodia. In addition to the lucrative financial returns, this venture aligns closely with our social and environmental goals by creating employment and education opportunities for the least privileged, as well as producing an alternative renewal energy that reduces the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) in the atmosphere.

In 2021-22, we would be further expanding our cassava plantation hectares with LGA, taking advantage of lucrative cassava fresh root prices and the ease of doing business in Cambodia under its new National Cassava Policy. We envision adding value to the supply chain by establishing a processing factory that produces cassava starch for export purposes to Thailand and/or China.


The group decided to venture into the sand mining industry in 2019 to meet the increasing demand arising from various land reclamation projects from Hong Kong and China. Leveraging on the strength of our networks, the group invested in a joint concession ownership deal that grants us control over 1 billion metric tonnes of sand in our portfolio. Ever mindful of our social responsibilities, all mining operations would be conducted within the approved legal quota, and with minimal environmental damage to the riverbeds and marine life. 

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